2 Billboards

Two unique prints using simplistic graphic digital tool references and geometry to make fantastic landscapes on the University grounds.

Accidental Architecture

Commission by developer of property to create a contemporary gesture with a minimal, calm presence.

7K Studio

Metallic vinyl on wall, using the 7K form as impetus to draw a spatial geometric design, housing four “7K” hidden moments.


Solo exhibition exploring minimalism of 2D and 3D spatial dialogue.
8 x 36 feet, vinyl, hemlock, latex

Digital Northwest

Commissioned wall depicting an abstracted narrative of Portland and the NW environment through the lens of infographics and digital visualization.


5 site specific wall paintings using geometry and spatial play to suggest surreal window views out of the building.
Curated by Ann Hudner.


Multi-wall 60 foot mural with acrylic paint and prismatic/metallic vinyl. The image interprets information architecture as a digital structure of screens and interfaces that navigate a non-linear landscape.