Specular VR

There are 5 perspective alignments for viewers to discover as they explore.


Large scale string sculpture with perspective painting viewable from one location.
Acrylic and nylon string
10 x 45 x 3 feet


Installation referencing the economic collapse of 2008+ through a dystopian, sci-fi lens of illusion and manufactured landscape.

Frame Problem

Collaboration with Aili Schmeltz. 36 wooden frames with white and gold tacked together with minimal hardware.


Group Show “The Lathe of Heaven” curated by Josephine Zarkovich. Three works in a 4-person show exploring the late Ursula Le Guin novel.
CNC dibond and aluminum, projection, styrene, vinyl, latex, airbrush

Zain Telecom | Middle East

Art direction for 30 second part of 2 minute commercial for Middle East telecom company Zain. Sets included perspective wall and floor drawings, string wall sculptures, lighting, and floating LED wire geometry.

Boxcar Planter

3 custom laser-etched design wrap all sides of this classic mini-planter design. 3 handpainted colorways, and a neutral

Sharpie On Panel

Installation using painting structures and supplies, with black ink painted on objects in perspective view.


Solo installation in a converted church in upstate New York. The work references Euclid’s seminal math treatise “The Elements” by creating a church of geometry. Architectures reference present day home building and classical Greek columns and stairways. Blue glasses provided to visitors are shown in blue images here.