ZAIN Telecom

Art Director for set design for a regional Middle East Telecom TVC including 3 site moments for an energetic TV commercial featuring Iraqi rappers and bands.

AC HOTEL | Marriott

For the Marriott AC Hotel the experience is focused on custom artwork, high design elements and an elegant contemporary look. Two sites were designed to deliver a 50ft wide wall work and multiple 12 foot tall vertical glass etched designs.

Oregon Institute of Technology

Commissioned for the creation of an artwork to transform the entrance tunnel to the University Recreation Center, housing the basketball home court arena.

Portland Trail Blazers

An activation in the Portland Trail Blazers NBA stadium to celebrate season ticket holders with an immersive photo opportunity.

La Moule Restaurant

Lead designer to develop brand identity and environment for an upscale french restaurant. Deliverables included a logo, menu system with visual assets, wallpaper, signage and interior direction to guide atmosphere and visual design.

Little Big Burger

Large scale environmental graphics were implemented for a chain of Portland burger concept restaurants. We went for high energy geometric abstract landscapes that turned into a range of applications for 13 locations.

Cannes Film Festival

A multi-site creative experience for Shutterstock at the Cannes Film Fest including a pavilion, a 3 level staircase, large scale billboards, and various environmental design applications.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Art Director for the Pabst Blue Ribbon live concert event in Portland, OR. The experience incorporates Portland landmarks within a retro-futuristic urban landscape aesthetic, while integrating a focus on music into the architecture. The stage backdrop was a printed vector design which was framed on both sides by 4×8′ physical laser-cut foam core elements. An LED dj booth continues the image to visually immerse the dj into the backdrop landscape.

Music performers: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Madame Ghandi, and local support Maarqui

Portland International Airport

This commission interpreted the ubiquitous jet bridge as a fantastic embarkation to a temporary nowhere. The tunnels playfully populate the concourse with a loss of gravity and sci-fi sensibility. Made with color tape.