Foothills Art Center

An immersive light exhibition at Foothills Art Center in Denver, CO. This work is primarily about projected light as a material, recreating the effect of stained glass windows in a former church turned arts institution.

VR Residency

A collaboration with dotdotdash who builds cutting-edge multimedia entertainment experiences. The agency developed a VR application applying my UX needs to allow the artist to build by hand a full scale immersive exhibition.

Portland Trail Blazers

An activation in the Portland Trail Blazers NBA stadium to celebrate season ticket holders with an immersive photo opportunity.

Pabst Blue Ribbon

Art Director for the Pabst Blue Ribbon live concert event in Portland, OR. The experience incorporates Portland landmarks within a retro-futuristic urban landscape aesthetic, while integrating a focus on music into the architecture. The stage backdrop was a printed vector design which was framed on both sides by 4×8′ physical laser-cut foam core elements. An LED dj booth continues the image to visually immerse the dj into the backdrop landscape.

Music performers: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Madame Ghandi, and local support Maarqui

Whatcom Museum

Large scale string sculpture with perspective painting viewable from one location.
Acrylic and nylon string
10 x 45 x 3 feet

Vermont Studio Center

Installation using painting structures and supplies, with black ink painted on objects in perspective view.


This work is simply hanging nylon string with white acrylic paint on it, creating a forced persective “X” appear at the right sight line.
12 x 10 x 3 feet

Breakthrough Moment

Mixed media installation for group show “Lossy” curated by Stephanie Syjuco. The work is a mapped projection with subtle animation on a painted wall design, creating an uncanny digital/physical look. Made for viewing at this angle.


Solo installation at Linfield college with an immersive structure emulating a labyrinthe.
Drywall, latex paint, and tape