10×40 feet, hand-cut vinyl on wall

Mirror Maze

Abstract approach to place-making, a design that interprets doors and windows of retail façades in the downtown shopping district.

Invisible City

Two large walls are painted in a representation of original sketches that were made at 3 x 11 inches in scale. The space is a performance and music venue so the work echoes the form of sound with rhythmic, vibrating repetition of line.

External Storage Device

Architectural intervention suggesting a container in place of stairwell walls in perspective shift.
acrylic, charcoal, graphite, drywall

2 Billboards

Two unique prints using simplistic graphic digital tool references and geometry to make fantastic landscapes on the University grounds.

Portland International Airport

This commission interpreted the ubiquitous jet bridge as a fantastic embarkation to a temporary nowhere. The tunnels playfully populate the concourse with a loss of gravity and sci-fi sensibility.