Oregon Institute of Technology

Commissioned for the creation of an artwork to transform the entrance tunnel to the University Recreation Center, housing the basketball home court arena.

Little Big Burger

Large scale environmental graphics were implemented for a chain of Portland burger concept restaurants. We went for high energy geometric abstract landscapes that turned into a range of applications for 13 locations.


10×40 feet, hand-cut vinyl on wall

Portland State University

Terminal Sunset is a collaboration with Robert Minervini. We combined our approaches to create a flattened, yet illusionistic landscape culled from our interests in sci-fi futures for this art exhibition.


Installation referencing the economic collapse of 2008+ through a dystopian, sci-fi lens of illusion and manufactured landscape.

Salem Public Art

Abstract approach to place-making, a design that interprets doors and windows of retail façades in the downtown shopping district.

Space Gallery, Portland, Maine

Two large walls are painted in a representation of original sketches that were made at 3 x 11 inches in scale. The space is a performance and music venue so the work echoes the form of sound with rhythmic, vibrating repetition of line.

Bemis Center for Contemporary Art

Architectural intervention suggesting a container in place of stairwell walls. The work is anamorphic so that from the main diagonal viewpoint the drawing has illusionistic depth and texture. Materials include acrylic, charcoal, graphite, and modified drywall.