Portland International Airport

This commission interpreted the ubiquitous jet bridge as a fantastic embarkation to a temporary nowhere. The tunnels playfully populate the concourse with a loss of gravity and sci-fi sensibility.

“X” at Alexander Hotel

“X” marks the center of the city in this hyper map of downtown Indy. Familiar architectures populate the scene including monuments, signs, columns, the state capitol building, and an Islamic temple minaret.

Accidental Architecture

Commission by developer of property to create a contemporary gesture with a minimal, calm presence.

120 Clay Mural

High traffic stairwell needed a perceptual upgrade.
Acrylic on floor and existing walls.

7K Studio

Metallic vinyl on wall, using the 7K form as impetus to draw a spatial geometric design, housing four “7K” hidden moments.

Cashmere Fatigue

Vinyl and airbrush installation using unique architectural space to create a dystopic portrayal of Sack’s Fifth Avenue during the economic downturn in 2010.


Solo exhibition exploring minimalism of 2D and 3D spatial dialogue.
8 x 36 feet, vinyl, hemlock, latex


Solo exhibition interpreting architectural drawing as an abstract medium of duplicitous space. Also exhibited were three paintings of isometric and dynamic perspective fantasy landscapes.
8 x 38 feet, vinyl on steel


This architectural intervention uses precribes limits of angle and material to create a fractured space, ultimately to ve activated by choreographer Rachel Tess. Collaboration with Jordan Tull.