Solo exhibition of a tape and airbrush mural that interprets the historical radial old town center of Enschede. References are the curving streets, bike lane poles, and a variety of signs of various coffee shops (marijuana cafes) that may hinder your navigation skills.
10 x 36 feet on modular walls.


Parking Entrance artwork for forward-thinking Commercial building by architecture firm project^. The work takes the building shape and abstracts it to create kinetic alignments when entering.


Commission by Oculus/Facebook to create an abstract narrative drawing in the Office entrance hall. The image rearranges and fractures local sites and structures to give a sense of familiarity and discovery.

Perpetual Dawn

Solo exhibition invitational to create a three wall drawing using metallic vinyl and acrylic airbrush, interpreting historic and current local islamic architecture, the desert landscape, and economics.


This Marriott owned hotel dining room features a hyper-map drawing in metallic gold acrylic of many scenes of the surrounding streetscape in downtown Portland.


Mural for an urban residential development on a raw 13 x 120 foot wall. The image is an abstracted landscape that references the 5 surrounding neighborhoods, depicting signage, retail façades, craftsman homes, park architecture, and sculptures of a little girl and a dog in the park.

Portland Trailblazers

Interactive activation created for the Trailblazers stadium for photo ops during game day. Fans could hold a white basketball inside a multi-surface mural interpreting the blazers logo.


Multi-wall 60 foot mural with acrylic paint and prismatic/metallic vinyl. The image interprets information architecture as a digital structure of screens and interfaces that navigate a non-linear landscape.


Hand cut faux wood contact paper on wall, combining two locations of the current Art center with views of the streetscapes and added elements of potential development.

Absorption Field

Two person exhibition with 12 channel sound installation by Ethan Rose.